As you look at your well groomed lawn and reflect upon the start of school and end of summer approaching, do you notice your trees? They need tending and care just as much as your grass and flower beds. When was the last time you tended to your trees?

August is tree check month according to the Arbor Day Foundation. This is a great time to check on your trees for drought, bugs and pruning needs.

With the heat of the summer it is easy to forget that our trees need just as much water as our grass. Did you know that there are better ways to water your trees? Don’t spray the truck directly. Trees take in nutrients through their roots so watering the base of the tree is most efficient. A gentle soak is best as it will penetrate through the soil without eroding it away. Also it is good to remember that roots of established trees extend much farther out than the branches above ground.

Bugs can be a worry for the longevity of your trees. The latest concern is the Asian Long-horned Beetle ( as the only way to remove the pest is to destroy the tree. Click the link for details from the Arbor Day Foundation.

And let’s not forgot pruning and trimming. These steps are vital for the growth and health of your trees. During the summer it is easier to see which dead/dying branches to trim off along with low hanging branches that may be a hindrance. Trees supply nutrients out to the branches. The supply is not infinite so the more branches your trees has the more food is needed to reach the top branches. Trimming low hanging branches helps make sure more nutrients reach the top of the tree and provide a cleaner look.

We at Eden Tree Services, hope you enjoy the rest of the summer season, wish the students good luck with the start of school and remind you to take care of your trees.