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We have a large lot that has not had an tree services performed in over 15 years, so this was a big big job. We got the job quoted on Monday, and the quote turned out to be more than $1k less than another quote we received. They were able to come out on that same Wednesday to do the job. They completely took down 4 or 5 trees, and trimmed probably about 30 others. Mike came in with 8 guys, 2 bucket trucks, and more. It took 6 hours to complete, and we can’t be happier with the job they did.
It went great. We weren’t around to see the progress, but the before and after are pretty dramatic. The whole process was very smooth, from quote to a finished job.


They were very responsive from my first call. I got a call back from the owner of the company within an hour of making my initial call for an estimate, and the next day they came to give me an estimate. They gave me a good price, and were very knowledgable and professional. They had a string of bad luck the week that my job was to be done, but they kept me informed about where they were and when they would get to me. The job turned out to be harder than they thought, but they stuck with their original price, which was very professional of them. They did a great job overall, and did a really great job of cleanup, leaving no trace whatsoever (except, of course, for the removed tree).

Jan Zinn

WOW!!! 3 Large trees(Maple/Walnut) it would take two people to put their arms around them. The Maple was hollow. 3 Medium trees (pine/walnut) I could put my arms around them. Several hackberry and trimmed a cherry over a electric line. Chop and stack walnut in small fireplace size pieces.Remove branch pile from where i started to trim trees and realized it was a bigger job than i could do in the time i had. All 3 large trees were close to our house, along with work around our power lines.

The crew including the owner showed up at 8am as promised. They unloaded and was already taking the trees down by 8:30 when I left for work. I did not see how they were going to get all that was promised done by 8PM that night. I got home from work at 7PM and they were mostly done. There was large pieces of tree in the driveway being loaded on trucks while the others cleaned the yard.
They Finished everything at 8:30 PM, but only cause I delayed them talking, they would have been done by 7:30. These were not small trees, and there was ALOT of leaves and sawdust. but when I came out to inspect the job, they had cleaned it up so much honestly other than seeing the stumps, you would not have known that we just had a major tree project completed in our yard.
Not only did they clean up all the leaves AND sawdust, they cleared out some junk weed trees and just overall cleaned the whole yard.They even trimmed up our apple tree. We finally had apples grow, but the d*** squirrels ate them.
No mater if it’s one tree, or a bunch, i do not believe there is a job that this crew couldn’t handle.
They employ all of their own workers(no sub-contractors). They provided me with proof of their insurance as well as their workman’s compensation insurance. They worked hard, excellent attitudes, fun, very professional. I cant say enough how pleased I am with their work.
This is a company and crew with Integrity. I already had a cracked window, and the owner was going to replace it cause he thought they did it when they took the tree down that was RIGHT next to the house. I laughed and thanked him and told him it was already cracked, his guys did NOT do it. But he was going to replace it no questions asked. I wished more companies/people were like that.
Thanks Mike for a top notch job!!!

Andy Williams

We were very impressed with them. They were very customer friendly. When the guy in charge whose name was Mike came by to give us the free estimate, was very cordial and very informative. He provided very good information and also gave us some options. So we had a lot of options with us. He was really nice and comfortable with what we wanted to do. We would very much use them again in the future.

Johnnye Dennis

Eden Tree service did a great job for us. I called them at 8 AM on a Saturday needing work done no later than Tuesday Morning. They were at my house at Noon on Saturday and gave me an estimate. The work was completed by the end of the day Monday. They did a really good job, and cleaned up well. They didn’t mind that I had them come back through on a couple areas with their chain saw. They also found two other clients on my street while they were there, so overall the whole block looks better 🙂 I would recommend them again.

Patricia Stark

We had two maple trees in the back yard that were killing out the grass. One had grown up wild and the other had been hit by lightning and was dead on one side. Eden was working in the neighborhood so I asked for a bid. The bid was nearly 1/2 what our other tree service was. Once the weather cleared and he could get up in the trees he and his crew were less than 4 hours in dropping both trees, hauling off the brush and cleaning up the site. Excellent service and very professional.

George Lambert

My trees were so dense that grass barely grows in the yard, and 1 tree was only growing on one side. 3 trees were trimmed in a balanced way allowing 6 hour of filtered sunlight. The misshaped one was removed and stump ground below yard level. Mike Corcoran the owner of Eden tree service was knowledgeable, efficient, and professional.
Pleasant experience, start to finish. Grass is doing well now too.

Jeanne Meloy

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