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Eden Tree Services of Kansas City provides a variety of services and offers the highest care for your tree needs.

Tree Services

Your trees are as important to us as they are to you. From the structure and health to the aesthetics of your property, Eden Tree Service is here to help you through the following services.


Emergency Service24/7 Emergency Service Hopefully you will never need us but in the event that you do, we offer around the clock availability. We are equipped to remove the largest of trees from any vehicle and/or structure. Simply call our main line at (816) 462-7292.




2x tree trimmingTree Trimming Pruning/Trimming/Thinning are needed for the overall health of your  trees. Whether it is raising the lowest limbs for lawnmower clearance or climbing to the top  for a through thin out, no job is too small or too big for our professionals.




Tree Removal Candidates for removal may be trees having internal decay or rot; compromised root balls due to saturated soil or even a root system that is destroying a foundation or driveway. We can handle any tree in any location even if it means working directly with the utility company.

House Clearance is important for the safety of your home. Tree limbs and branches leaning over/on your home may cause damage and even void the warranty of your roof shingles. Removing these hazards is a great investment and might even help you sleep better during the storm season.

Dead Wood is the process of removing diseased, dying or dead branches from a tree. These limbs can harm healthy limbs and branches and allow access for insects and diseases. Most importantly removal of these limbs will reduce the risk of injry to you and your family.

cabling Cabling helps to support and strengthen trees using the latest equipment by cobra®  tree cabling.  These products can be used on all types of trees, will not harm the internal or external structure, and  grows with the tree for long term care.




ET Stump Grinding 2 options

Stump Grinding You may consider a stump in your yard to be unsightly or a nuisance. Grinding that stump 6-9 inches below the surface may be the answer! We can either leave you the chip/mulch or take it away (ask for details).